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"Energeia is the power behind every principle of change."
- Aristotle

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle first conceived of the term energeia (ενεργεια) to describe a force of nature through which the potential becomes the actual, intentions become actions, and work and knowledge become purpose and self-realization.

Energeia Coaching provides integrative coaching and behavioural science services for people and professionals across the whole spectrum of life and work. Our self-programming approach to coaching combines personal and professional development with physical, mental and spiritual optimization in order to promote maximum performance and wellbeing. We help our clients extract the most out of themselves so that they can pursue their visions, and find fulfilment in their lives and careers, while maintaining a sense of focus and discipline.

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"Great in conversation, never dull, thought-provoking, and always helps me think deeper."
Chief Human Resources Officer
"Open and direct, patient, and thoughtful - Gareth meets me where I am at each coaching session."
Community Leader