Gareth Craze, PhD, BCC
M.Com, PGDipBus (HRM)

Dr. Gareth Craze is a behavioural scientist and coaching psychologist, as well as a board-certified executive coach, health and wellness coach, and personal lifestyle coach. He has coached leaders and professionals across numerous different industries and organizations in the areas of leadership development, workplace performance and behaviour change, work-life integration, professional resilience, and executive assessment. Gareth is also experienced in group learning and development, and is a certified Prosocial facilitator and coach; using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and contextual behavioural science to build and sustain thriving, effective teams.

Gareth holds a PhD in Organizational Behavior from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, where he formerly managed the Coaching Research Lab, and a Master of Commerce in Management from the University of Auckland Business School. His doctoral research modeled how poor physical and emotional health among leaders can contribute to team dysfunction and reduced organizational performance. He has also conducted research on coaching and leadership development with several Fortune 100 companies and other large organizations throughout multiple industries – including major automotive manufacturers, multinational insurance firms, banking and financial institutions, major-league sports teams, and government departments – and has published in outlets such as Leadership, Philosophy of Management, and The Talent Management Handbook.

Gareth founded Energeia Coaching with the objective of using an integrative, scientifically-informed approach to coaching to help people and organizations flourish. He is a passionate supporter of the democratization of coaching, and aspires to be part of a movement that extends the life and career-transforming benefits of coaching to everyone, and not just a few select C-suite executives on the company dime. Gareth is a champion of ‘technical eclecticism’ in coaching, and believes that only a truly personalized approach to the coaching practice can unearth the talent and potential that makes each individual special and unique.

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"Great in conversation, never dull, thought-provoking, and always helps me think deeper."
Chief Human Resources Officer
"Open and direct, patient, and thoughtful - Gareth meets me where I am at each coaching session."
Community Leader

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