Is Energeia Coaching For Me?

At Energeia, we wholeheartedly believe that almost anyone can benefit from working with a coach and developing a self-programming plan. We passionately support the democratization of coaching, and believe that the benefits of coaching should be more accessible to more people in more professions and walks of life.

That said, our approach to coaching will work better for some people more than others. It will likely work well for you if the following five statements accurately describe you:

You recognize that being the best possible version of yourself is the most important ongoing project in your life and work.

You’re prepared to adopt an attitude of total self-honesty and accountability with yourself, while also being prepared to maintain an attitude of patience, compassion and understanding toward yourself.

You’re focused on the long game, even while setting short-term goals and achieving short-range victories.

You’re willing to walk a tightrope in your mind between psychological safety and psychological risk-taking.

You’re human enough to regularly make mistakes, and superhuman enough to regularly admit them, learn from them, and convert their lessons into changes of consequence.

Executives/C-Suite/Senior Management

“The CEO’s job is mentally and physically demanding. To sustain the intensity of the job, CEOs need to train—just as elite athletes do. That means allocating time for health, fitness, and rest. Activities that preserve elements of normal life keep CEOs grounded and better able to engage with colleagues and workers—as opposed to being distant, detached, and disconnected. CEOs also have to make time for their own professional renewal and development, and it is vital for them to schedule adequate uninterrupted time by themselves so that they can have space to reflect.”
– ‘How CEOs Manage Time’, Harvard Business Review

Our self-programming plans for senior management are akin to an executive “strength and conditioning” regime. Your mastery of core competencies is already that of a veritable black belt, and while it’s always good to refine your skillset, at this stage of the game your priority should be efficiently extracting as much brainpower as you possibly can, in order to do what you already do so well even better. With all the time pressure and energy demands of your role, the quality of your performance depends on the quality of your mind. By developing self-programming strategies with Energeia – you can turn that mind into a well-oiled machine: an enduring, futureproofed asset to yourself, your organization, and its stakeholders.

As a senior leader, you may already have an existing relationship with a coach that you wish to maintain. We wholeheartedly encourage this, and view our services to executives and senior leaders as a compliment to existing coaching relationships, rather than a replacement for them. While you and your ‘head’ coach continue to chart the course of your professional development, we can provide additional specialized assistance and support to help you take your game to the next level.

Emerging Leaders

Your organization has shoulder-tapped you for bigger things. Your potential as a future leadership star has been identified, and you have a new role that you’re ready to really sink your teeth into. But with added responsibility comes added complexity. Not only will you need to expand your KSA repertoire and fine-tune your mastery of organizational competencies, but you’ll need to do all this with increasingly more pressure on your time, energy, and mental resources. Building a self-programming strategy for yourself in consultation with a coach will set you up to align body and mind, vision and values, individual purpose and organizational expectations – in a way that simultaneously maximizes performance, development, and wellbeing.

Teams and Task Forces

Good teams are greater than the sum of their parts, but they are at least the sum of those parts. Getting the most out of a team means coordinating different personalities, skillsets, states of mind, values and motivations – all toward a common objective. At Energeia, we can work with your team to develop a comprehensive plan that combines individual self-programming strategies with team-based interpersonal development, peer coaching training, dialogue facilitation training, and shared vision exercises. Whether for special projects or long-term departmental development, we will help you to create effective synergy in your team and convert this into enduring value for your organization.

Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

Chances are, by the end of this paragraph, you’ve already thought of another million dollar plus idea (or better yet, one of your existing ideas has made you a million dollars plus by the end of this paragraph). That unicorn-like ability to spot game-changing ideas or chart unexplored business terrain is a fine quality to possess. It’s an even better quality when properly nurtured. Entrepreneurial drive is one of the most energy-demanding phenomena in the professional world. Engaging with a coach to create and maintain a self-programming plan will allow you to properly channel that energy; generating all the personal mental resources you need to grow existing projects and seed new ideas.

Other Professionals

Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Tinkers, Tailors, Soldiers, Sailors: whether you’re self-managing, managing others, or some combination thereof, the coaching process can help bring out the best in your personal and professional self. The same principles that guide executive and developmental coaching in corporate settings can be adapted to almost any profession. By working with a coach, you can structure a customized plan to set and exceed your own benchmarks and realize your greatest professional aspirations; all while managing your time, optimizing your energy, and achieving a greater sense of balance between work and life. Whatever the unique nuances of your job, we can work with you to create self-programming strategies to suit your specific needs.

Digital Nomads

Building a business and career while exploring the big, wide world? Awesome. That rover-wanderer mindset you already possess is a potent platform for sustained growth and expansion. The coaching process can harness the freedom of time and movement that drives you, while ensuring that the giddying distractions of wanderlust don’t undermine your long-term vision and ambition. What’s more, the convenience of video coaching allows you to seamlessly integrate coaching interventions into your existing work modality of choice and stay on top of your self-programming plan.


Educators at all levels do so much good in the world, and it takes a special kind of person to take up that mantle of responsibility. But as so many teachers will attest, it can be an emotionally exhausting professional calling and labor of love rolled into one. Professional coaching is, unfortunately, not widespread in teaching, and is not accessible to many teachers for a variety of reasons. We believe that our educators could greatly benefit from supportive, developmental coaching, and in that spirit we offer discounted rates packages to teachers (including a special rate for ESL teachers).

Athletes and Sportspeople

The ability to perform under pressure demands a lot from our minds. There is a reason that mental skills coaches and sports psychologists have become integral members of major sporting organizations in recent times. Elite athletes and sportspeople are unparalleled in their ability to extract maximum value from their bodies, but without their brains firing on all cylinders, raw brawn, power, or speed will only get them so far. The self-programming model we use at Energeia is predicated on many of the same rules of thumb and general guiding principles that underlie athletic performance. We can work with athletes and sportspeople to harness and focus their mental energies, develop the skills to withstand and embrace pressure, and align body and mind for optimal performance.

Artists and Creatives

The muse can be fickle and elusive, and the next masterpiece often lies dormant in the mind – waiting to emerge from the ether. Whether you are a musician, painter, actor, playwright, poet, sculptor, or spoken word artist, developing a self-programming plan in consultation with a coach can help you to sort through the bric-a-brac in your imagination, sharpen your creative instincts, and expand your artistic intuitions. We recognize that wholeheartedly pursuing your creative endeavors can be difficult to monetize as a stable income, and so we offer special coaching rates to independent artists and performers.


Been there, done that, and our thoughts are with you: being a student can be tough. Perhaps you’re in a first-time leadership role, and are now pursuing your MBA or other professional degree. Perhaps you’ve decided to return to graduate school in order to pursue a new career direction. Or maybe this is your first time at college or university, and you’re learning to navigate this new space in your educational journey. Whatever degree or level of education that you’re currently working towards, the pressure can be real, and there can be a lot to juggle. At the same time, being an exemplary student shouldn’t mean constant sacrifice without enjoyment and renewal. For those seeking a little extra guidance or assistance with strategies to achieve their educational goals and maximize the learning experience, we offer a special rate for self-programming coaching packages for both graduate and undergraduate students.


It seems as though every parent agrees that there is no foolproof playbook for the world’s most difficult and demanding job. In a role that’s never short of surprises, the opportunity to occasionally turn the valve off can be a very rare thing (and you’re probably exhausted when that opportunity arises). Working with a coach might not make parenting itself any easier, but it can help you to focus your mental energy, calibrate your emotional resources, and give yourself the breathing space to be your own individual human being – as well as being a loving, dedicated parent.

Couples (and Besties)

All relationships take work, but why make more work for yourselves than you need to? It can already be a juggling act for one person managing their life alone, and relationships are like throwing another set of balls into the juggle. Working together as a couple, in consultation with a coach, can help you figure out how each of you gets what you need out of life, while being able to establish and integrate the different boundaries that each of your goals and paths bring to the relationship. Our self-programming plans can be developed for couples in much the same way they are for individuals; allowing you to harmonize your development as a pair while maintaining each of your own distinct aspirations. They can also be adapted for you and your bestie; building a system of accountability into the friendship you hold most dear, so that you can both convert all those “We should start…” conversations into becoming better, together.


You’ve earned the right to put your feet up, but those feet are still very itchy. Why go from a hundred miles an hour to zero when there’s a zone in between that makes retirement a grand opportunity to explore new pursuits or fulfill unfulfilled passions? Working with a coach can help you realize that these years could be the most truly productive and purposeful time of all, while also being the most deservedly relaxing and rejuvenating.